Medical Aid

Choosing the right medical aid

Having medical cover is often less expensive than not having it at all. Medical aid helps take care of all types of medical procedures, treatments, doctors’ visits and consultations which are respectively very costly. It is important to pick a scheme and plan that is right for you and your needs.

A medical aid not only provides cover for costly medical procedures at private facilities, it also guards you against emergency medical expenses that are very often too high for the average person to pay out of his or her own pocket.

Your health, age and marital status determine which type of medical aid is right for you. Fortunately, all medical aids in South Africa are nowadays required to pay for certain prescribed minimum benefits (PMBs), such as:

  • Any emergency medical condition (anything sudden and unexpected that requires immediate medical treatment and/or an operation)
  • A limited set of 270 medical conditions (including certain types of cancer, heart attacks, hip fractures, HIV/AIDS and TB)
  • 25 Chronic conditions (including diabetes, asthma, certain heart conditions and epilepsy)

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    There are many options to choose before you make a decision, you need to ask yourself a few questions:

    • How much do I want to spend?
    • How much does it cost to register a spouse or a dependant?
    • Can I handle my own day-to-day expenses?
    • What is the current state of my health?
    • Does the plan specify the use of network hospitals? Is there one close by?
    • Is there a co-payment for hospital procedures?
    • What is the agreed fund tariff that the plan will pay? 100%? 200%?
    • Will the hospital plan pay for hospice care and psychiatric hospitalisation?

    Based on the above answers, we can help you to choose the best scheme and plan to suite your needs and your pocket.

    Ask us about GAP COVER, a totally separate product from any medical scheme.

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    We offer the following medical aid & gap cover


    • Discovery
    • Bonitas
    • Momentum
    • BestMed
    • Medihelp
    • Fedhealth
    • Profmed


    • Stratum.



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