28 February 2020

Hello from the FC Wealth Team.

In 2020 we kicked off with best practice tips, steering you away from flash-in-a-pan gimmick advice. Let’s dig in.


  1. Devise a Budget
  2. Create an emergency fund and Save for Education
  3. Limit Debt and use credit cards wisely
  4. Protect your family in the event death, disability and severe illness
  5. Have appropriate Medical Aid Cover
  6. Insure your most valuable assets; Vehicles, House, Contents and Personal Items
  7. Have a Valid Will
  8. Plan and Save for Retirement
  9. Maximize Tax Breaks and be tax compliant at all times
  10. Stay away from flash-in-a-pan gimmick advice


  • Coronavirus: 

Markets expected to remain volatile until a way to stop the spread of the disease is found. The JSE’s wider All Share Index had one of its worst days in two months on Monday 24 February 2020, finishing 4% lower on the day due to fears that the coronavirus outbreak will impact global economic growth and investor sentiment. Market watchers say the outbreak – technically of Covid-19, the infectious disease caused by the most recently discovered coronavirus – will impact the flow of goods, services and people around the world.

  • Budget preview 2020:

What is expected:

  • The Minister will have little option but to increase taxes. This could include hikes in personal income tax and value-added tax (VAT) and will very likely include increases in fuel levies and sin taxes.
  • Trying to convince rating agency, Moody’s, that South Africa is serious about cutting back on its debt and creating a stable economy.
  • Another priority for Mboweni is cutting back on the new wage bill which is being implemented.
  • Tackling state-owned enterprises is high on the agenda, Eskom being one of them.
  • Details on the sovereign wealth fund and State bank are anticipated.          


If you ever wonder when the right time is to start a good habit, the right time is NOW.

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